Wednesday, January 20, 2016


We are excited to share the XLH Network’s 2015 fundraising report with our members! During the 2015 calendar year we met or exceeded all of our fundraising goals, and we have each of you to thank for our success.

This year included our first Give Rare campaign, our annual end-of-year fundraising, as well as our second #GivingTuesday campaign. The Give Rare campaign was a first for us, and it was so much fun to think about how to raise money and awareness alongside other nonprofits devoted to rare diseases.

We also had two grants funded this year—one to assist with the 2015 XLH Days and one to assist with hiring an administrative assistant. And, to date, we’ve written two additional grants and have plans to write at least one more.

In addition, thanks to our members, our end of year giving increased by 46% in funds and almost 25% in the number of donors who participated. Thanks to your generosity, we have an approved budget and we are making plans for an exciting 2016!

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