Thursday, March 31, 2016

What can XLHers do?

XLH patients probably won't be playing professional basketball (until we find a cure or at least an effective treatment), but for anything that doesn't require height, XLHers can and do participate in a wide variety of careers and activities.

We recently asked a number of XLHers about their  careers and activities, and got some great responses.

It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that XLHers engage in a number of professional careers, including doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, writers, researchers, engineers and assorted computer/tech-related jobs. We also heard from a professional chef, a loan officer, a real estate agent, a mental health therapist and a master florist!

It's a little more surprising, given the physical limitations experienced by many adults with XLH, that some of them engage in strenuous activities like building rock walls, logging, shooting targets, biking, horseback riding ("even if I can't do all the things on horseback I wish I could, any riding is better than no riding"), drumming ("I've fractured my arms a lot since I started drumming, but it's too much fun to avoid doing"), and even triathlon competitition (jointly with her husband; he does the running, and she does the biking and swimming).

Bottom line: XLHers can do just about anything they want to do!

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