Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Texas playlist

We've got some musical inspiration for you, while you're thinking about coming to XLH Day in Texas. (And if you've already registered for the event, don't wait until we send out confirmations between July 12 and 17 to make your hotel reservations. Make them now, and if necessary, you can cancel them without penalty up until shortly before the event.)

To get the playlist started, Board Member Kathy Buchanan suggests "Deep in the Heart of Texas," which was the inspiration for our graphic (so you can sing along, changing the words to "Deep in the BONES of Texas"). Here's the Texas Chamber of Commerce's version:

Board Member Joyce Inman consulted with her entire family, and they had a tie vote for Willie Nelson's "Beautiful Texas" and "Texas in My Soul." You can hear them both on Youtube: and

Gin Jones heard about this new release from fellow Board Member Chris Younger, which seems appropriate for those who are driving long distances to XLH Day (and we know several people are driving more than ten hours!):  Yarn's "Long Way to Texas"

We have a bunch of other suggestions, but unfortunately there aren't official (posted by the copyright owner) Youtube links for any of them, but we're sure you can find them wherever music is available.

Past President Becky Mock suggests Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Riviera Paradise Live from Austin, Texas."

Board Member Chris Younger is himself a musician, so he has several suggestions: Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Texas Flood," Ellen Jewel's "Back to Dallas,"  ZZ Top's "LaGrange," and Miranda Lambert's "Texas Pride." 

Board Member Gin Jones recommends Lyle Lovett's "You're Not From Texas (But Texas Wants You Anyway)."

Board Member Rachael Jones (no relation to Gin!) found one perfectly on point for us: "Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer to You)" by the Gatlin Brothers.

We're looking forward to seeing y'all in August! Make sure to register now, if you haven't already:

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