Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Children and teens at XLH Day

If you're still debating whether to attend TX XLH Day, would it help to know that we're planning some great activities for children and teens? (And we'll also have infant care services.)

Board member Rachael Jones has been involved with the well-received children's activities at the last two XLH Days, and this year's program promises to be even better than before.

Rachael is working on parallel programs for children and for teens. The activities will include a mix of education and fun, teaching "the ABCs of XLH" and "healthy living." There will be opportunities to create art, participate in a science demonstration and attend a mini-carnival of activities. She's also planning small group discussions about living with XLH, led by a licensed mental health professional.

So, register now, for yourself and your kids: Registration ends soon, at midnight on July 11, 2016. Don't miss out on all the education and fun!

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