Thursday, October 27, 2016

KRN23 pediatric trial is enrolling patients

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc. just announced that the first patient has been enrolled in the most recent KRN23 clinical trial. As explained by the CEO and President of Ultragenyx, Emil D. Kakkis, "This study will allow us to directly assess whether KRN23's potential impact on rickets ... is superior to that of conventional oral phosphate and vitamin D therapy for children with XLH."

You can read the press release here:

You can read more about this Phase 3 pediatric clinical trial, which is recruiting pediatric patients (currently recruiting at two locations in California, plus one location in each of Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee, with additional sites worldwide not yet recruiting) here:

The XLH Network, Inc. does not endorse or critique specific clinical trials, and does not counsel individual patients either for or against participation in any specific clinical trial. Prospective volunteers should always carefully review the clinical trial's informed consent documentation, and discuss the pros and cons of their participation with trusted advisers, including their health care providers and family members.

If you're considering participation in a trial, please remember that discussion of the details of others' experiences (especially with respect to symptoms and side effects) may have some adverse consequences for the validity of the study. On the other hand, discussions of things like the time commitments, disruptions to daily life and the quality of the staff are safer to discuss with other participants in the trial.

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