Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Meet a Member - Kate A.

Today we meet Kate A. who lives in Colorado with her wife and 4 ½ year old son (not affected). She works part-time in accounting and is a stay at home mom. Kate loves traveling and camping. One of her favorite vacation spots was in South Dakota where she could see the monuments and get in some four-wheeling! Some of her favorite hobbies include arts & crafts, organizing, and designing.
Kate says she struggled most of her life because of XLH. Her goal is to show people that if she can overcome her disability, others can too. She does everything she can to go out and experience life and have fun.
At the young age of 2, Kate’s mother noticed her legs were severely bowed. This is when she was diagnosed with a spontaneous case of Hypophosphatemic Rickets. XLH has made Kate work twice as hard to walk and she says the pain is often unbearable. However, she does not let her disability define who she is. Having the mental endurance and stamina lets her push through the daily pain and to experience life with her family. Kate has been on the new treatment for almost 4 years. She is happy to never see another pill again!
Kate found The XLH Network almost 4 years ago, when she met someone else with XLH for the very first time. When asked what the Network means to Kate and her family, she said, “The networking and family bond from others is out of this world! To finally know, hey, I’m not alone and people understand has been so emotional and joyful. I am so thankful for the Network, the information, and the people.”

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