Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Latest KRN23 trial results

If you've been following us on Facebook (, you've seen our pictures from the ICE-ENDO conference this week.

The big news coming out of the conference, at least for XLH patients, is the announcement of the latest KRN23 clinical trial results. KRN23 is an antibody developed to counteract the excessive FGF23 that is at least part of the process of XLH patients' phosphate wasting. KRN23 is being developed in collaboration between two pharmaceutical companies, Kyowa Hakko Kirin and Ultragenyx.

The CEO of Ultragenyx, Emil Kakkis, M.D., PhD., is quoted by MarketWatch: "Based on observed improvements in phosphate metabolism, bone remodeling markers, and certain quality of life measures, we are encouraged by the potential for KRN23 to treat the underlying cause of bone disease in both adult and pediatric patients with XLH."

You can read more about the results here. As the news report indicates, pediatric clinical trials are starting now (find out more here), and additional adult clinical trials are in the works. Stay tuned, here and at Facebook, for updates on those trials.

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