Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Peru National Paralympics

XLHers don't let their challenges keep them from accomplishing great things. This past November, three girls with XLH participated in swimming events at the 2016 Peru National Paralympics,  held at the Olympic Swimming Pool in the Callao-Lima Region of Peru.  

The girls underwent two months of intense training and constant practices, which paid off as they climbed the medals podium.  Marcielo del Pilar Gonzalez (16) took a first place prize, Sandra Valeria Arista (13 years old) a second place, and Mayda Ramirez (23) a third place.  

Marcielo and Valeria qualify to get further training to compete in the under-21 group for the ParaPanamerican Games in 2019.  Their teacher is Fernando Cuadros Cuadros and their trainer is Yajhaira Heidy Lazo Araujo.  

It should be noted that these athletes have overcome more disadvantages than some of the more fortunate members of the XLH community. Living in Peru, they cannot always find the medical assistance required for even basic treatment of XLH. Medicines that are taken for granted (especially the phosphorus supplements) are not readily available in many countries, including Peru.

On behalf of the entire XLH community, we wish the very best for Marcielo and Valeria as they continue training and eventually participate in the 2019 Games. 

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