Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sharing your passions

Kimberly Murray is a member of the Network who has XLH herself and a daughter with XLH. She recently participated in a couple of fundraising efforts, and she's here to tell you why and how she did it. 

October has always been my favorite month. For one, it's my birthday month. It is also a time Louisiana has some of its best weather. Not too hot, low humidity, and a light airy breeze making it just cool enough for a cute sweater/scarf combo. October is also special because it's the month when XLH Day is celebrated, so it seemed appropriate to donate all of my birthday money this year to The XLH Network, Inc.

I'd hoped that my husband, daughter and I would all be able to attend XLH Day this year, but sadly we just couldn't fit it into our schedule. So I decided to start my own social-media-based fundraiser for the Network instead. I have a lot of family and friends who follow my and my daughter's story on having and dealing with XLH, and they are always asking how they can help, what they can do. For one two-week period right around my birthday, I asked all of my friends and family if they could donate to my XLH fundraiser. I set a goal, an end date, and went public.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of love, support, and donations made to my fundraiser. I had exceeded my goal! Fundraising can be so much fun when you stay motivated and never lose sight of the finish line.

It also helps to get other involved. I had many close relatives and close friends help share my story. When you are able to share your passion with others, you are opening doors to educating them on the importance of awareness. And this awareness can be anything that holds significance and vitality in one's life. For myself and my family, it is the Network.

The amount of donations I received in a short two-week period has encouraged me to continue and increase my involvement in sharing and spreading awareness of XLH via social media, local spotlights, and of course fundraising. One of my next goals will be to encourage people to sign up as sustaining donors, who give a set amount every month or year, which helps the organization with its budgeting.

Next up is #GivingTuesday! I am proud to serve as a #GivingTuesday Ambassador (someone who will spread the word about a cause) for The XLH Network! You can find my #GivingTuesday peer-to-peer fundraising page (or start your own) here:

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