Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Meet a Member Wednesday - Marina

It's Meet a Member Wednesday. Today, we meet Marina! Marina was born in Madrid, Spain and now lives in New Jersey with her husband. Marina has 2 daughters, both in college, and both who have XLH. She may only stand at 4’6” but her personality adds at least another foot! She is very proud of her “His & Hers Kitchen.” Her side of the kitchen is 6 inches lower than the rest. She cooks on the countertop cooktop while her husband does the dishes on the standard sized side of the kitchen. Many of you may know Marina from her posts on different social media platform support groups. She has been an avid advocate for the XLH Network since she discovered the group in 2002. Marina was one of the organizers of the first two XLH Day events. When she is not advocating for XLH, Marina is a full time Senior Product Manager of a software program for chemical engineers to design petrochemical plants. She travels all over the world with her job and takes every opportunity to meet other XLH patients. Marina’s mother has XLH and was treated with osteotomies for at the time an “unknown condition” that was thought to be related to the parathyroid. When Marina showed her bowed legs to the doctors, they immediately gave her a diagnosis of “whatever your mother has,” and then she started receiving treatments with casts and braces. She finally learned what she had when her oldest daughter was diagnosed with XLH at 16 months old. And then her second daughter was diagnosed just a few months later. Marina has been on the new treatment for almost 4 years now. Her involvement and volunteering efforts are truly appreciated by XLH Network members. Marina’s two beautiful daughters are her motivation and main reason for her constant involvement. 

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