Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Don't let the stories be lost!

Today, our social media coordinator, Gin Jones, is here to talk about Weak Bones, Strong Will, the Stories of XLH, our planned book on the XLH experience: 

My mother's uncle was a great oral storyteller. Even when I was a self-absorbed teenager, I loved listening to him. Unfortunately, he never wrote his stories down, and we never thought to capture any of them, so they're lost to us now.

Perhaps you have a family member with XLH (or who raised an XLHer) who is a similarly good storyteller. Don't let those stories be lost like my Uncle Charles's! Take some time to record them, either with your smartphone (tips on how to do it here: ) or the old-fashioned way, by taking notes and then typing them up.

Either way, we'd love to read those stories and consider them for publication in our book. We're not set up to transcribe recordings, so you'd need to get them into written form (and a .doc file) by either transcribing them verbatim (and we'll edit them into a narrative) or summarizing them in a narrative format.

It's a win for everyone -- you'll get to spend some quality time with that family member, the storyteller will get a wider audience, and we'll have a documented a bit more about the experience with living with XLH.

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