Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Looking to next year

Even as we're putting the final touches on the program for this year's XLH Day in Houston, Texas, we're already thinking about the next event in 2017.

Picking a location starts by finding a keynote speaker. As we're all aware, there aren't that many experts in XLH, and we don't have the funds to transport speakers to our event, so the choice of sites depends on where potential speakers are.

Beyond that, we also look at factors that will increase attendance. That means we're most likely to choose a major metropolitan area (because the population density means there are more patients living within an easy traveling distance) with a major airport for those who might fly to the event. Another important factor is whether there are XLHers in the area who are willing to serve on the planning committee and help out during the event. A nice plus is if there are educational and cultural offerings nearby, like the popular Children's Museum near our previous event in Indianapolis, that might be of interest to anyone thinking of combining the event with a vacation.

Keeping those factors in mind, where do you think we should hold the next XLH Day?

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